About WeWhite



WeWhiteは、アメリカのBeyond International社と提携し、ホワイトニングのNo.1ブランド「Beyond Whitening」を、日本人に最適なシステムとして改良・開発しました。






Teeth whitening was developed several decades ago in the United States for dental use and was introduced to the Japanese dental scene around 20 years ago. Many different whitening products were sold in the U.S., while some became popular as “cosmetics”.

WeWhite is partnering with Beyond International, Inc. (USA) and has developed a system best suited for Japanese clients with the No.1 Whitening brand Beyond Whitening.

WeWhite's Motto is "Making Whitening easier and accessible".
Just like getting your body treatment at a spa. Like getting your hair done at a hair salon. We hope to introduce a great experience of teeth whitening to as many people as possible.

Smile with confidence, with beautiful white teeth!